Adblock your home network with Pi-hole

If you have several devices at home that you want to use adblock on, you should definitely take a look at Pi-hole.

Pi-hole is primarily a DNS server that blocks loading of ads on the web. It utilizes premade adblock lists, but you can also manually whitelist and blacklist domains you want to be blocked.

Also note that with Pi-hole you can use adblock on devices that we do not have adblock available, like iOS devices.

The software has a handy web interface that displays all kinds of statistics about your network. With the included JSON API, you can use this statistics data in your own programming projects. Pi-hole is free and open source.

Installation is simple, you just need to run "curl -sSL | bash" in your Raspberry Pi. If running external bash scripts scares you, Pi-hole's Github-page has instructions on how to manually install.

After the installation you will need to setup your devices to use the Pi-hole DNS server. But if you want to that all the devices in your network automatically use Pi-hole, enable the included DHCP server. First, remember to disable your router's own DHCP server though!


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