Recalbox - Retro Gaming and Media Center OS for Raspberry Pi

It's not often you see such a complete package for Raspberry Pi. Recalbox is an all-in-one OS with a target audience of retro gaming enthusiasts. It includes emulators for over 40 systems (for example NES, SNES, MAME, Playstation, Megadrive), an easy-to-use UI using EmulationStation, support for multiple gamepads (PS3, Xbox360, even a smartphone touchscreen!), and last but not least, a full media center support with installed Kodi onboard.

Installing Recalbox is easy, just get the necessary equipment, download the latest version from Github and startup Raspberry Pi.

As an additional bonus a web interface is available for the OS, so you can for example manage all your installed games and start them up remotely via the web browser.

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