Video surveillance system with Raspberry Pi and Kerberos

Making a video surveillance system with Raspberry Pi is easier than ever, thanks to Kerberos.

Kerberos is an open source software to build video surveillance (cctv) systems using IoT devices. It works on several different platforms, like Raspberry Pi, IPTV cameras, and even any linux machine with a webcam installed! has a easy-to-use installer that installs the software automatically to a memory card, ready to be used in Raspberry Pi.

You can access the system via the web interface. You can use it in your local area network, or remotely (for this feature, you need to register for their service). The interface is usable in any device, so desktop pc's, tablets and smartphones. The web interface also has a demo available.

The interface has support for motion detection, it can show as a heatmap the history of motion detection. The system can also save the detected motion as a video file, and these can be played back on the web interface.

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