Volumio - Audiophile's dream for Raspberry Pi

Volumio (previously known as Raspyfi) is a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi and similar platforms. This distribution is meant for the audiophiles, as it offers some great audio functionality.

  • Supports most common USB DAC sound cards
  • Samba and AirPlay support, for playing music via LAN
  • FAT32 and NTFS support, play music straight from a USB HDD
  • Internet radio, Spotify and Last.FM support
  • MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC and ALAC file format support
  • Web interface
  • Builtin WiFi support
  • Fits on 2GB memory cardMahtuu 2gt muistikortille

And of course, the project is fully open source, so you can download the image from their website.

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